Family & Friends Extended Personal Birth Chart

An Extended Natural House System Chart (Natural House System/Aries First House Cusp) is perfect for interpreting your Astrological Report from Jessica Adams or for premium members who want to generate charts for family members or loved ones.  This is the same natal chart which is provided to Premium Members as part of their membership. 

With this product, you receive an automatically generated Extended Natural House System Chart (Natural House System/Aries First House Cusp) for one person delivered by email within two minutes as an email attachment.  The chart is produced in PDF format for you to view, print and keep.  Your chart is produced by entering the time, date and place of birth during the purchase process.  If you do not know the exact time of birth you can make an estimate. If you don’t know the birth time at all, you can get a reasonably accurate prediction by entering the midpoint of the 24 hour period (12 noon).

This birth chart includes more than fifty pages of additional instructional content to help you interpret your chart – please read on for more details.


When entering the time and date of birth, click into each field then use the selector provided to choose the date and time. This will ensure that your times and dates are entered in the correct format. You will be prevented from directly typing into the field. When entering your place of birth, type the full address, or town and country to pick your place of birth from the list provided.

Please do confirm all details before you complete the checkout. Once checkout is completed, all sales are considered final and no refunds will be given.



After purchase, your chart will be sent by email. Look for it in your purchase receipt from the Jessica Adams Store – it will be available as an attachment in your purchase receipt.




Get your Extended Natural House System Chart (Natural House System/Aries First House Cusp) for your family members or friends to use with Current Planetary Positions – or for you to use with your extended forecast data which premium members receive.

This chart is available to premium members free with a Premium Membership, but some customers like to have charts of their family and friends on hand. This product will help you match and decode the charts for your loved ones, in addition to yourself. 

What you get

You receive an automatically generated Natural House System Chart (Natural House System/Aries First House Cusp) for one person, from Jessica Adams in PDF format for you to print and keep. After purchase, your chart will be generated and attached to your purchase receipt email. Check this email to download and view your chart.

Your chart features the following 34 Horoscope Factors: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Juno, Vesta, Ceres, Midheaven (MC), Immum Coeli (IC), Ascendant (AC), Descendant (DESC), Diana, Fortuna, Minerva, Bacchus, Apollo, Aesculapia, Hygeia, Panacea, Ops, Salacia, Prosperina, Cupido, Vulcano, Psyche, North Node, South Node.

An additional 50 pages of guidance on the 12 Houses of the Zodiac and the 34 Horoscopes Factors and some basic instruction about how astrologers use your chart to make predictions, so you can try it for yourself.

Why does the chart have 34 Horoscope Factors?

Your extended birth chart uses a complete “family tree” of Roman named asteroids, dwarf planets and other heavenly bodies, like Neptune’s wife Salacia (a trans-Neptunian). This helps you create a more consistent, whole astrology which deepens and enriches your understanding. Using more horoscope factors means that you can use narrow orbs, using no more than zero through one degree to identify aspects, creating precise sacred geometry in your horoscope – perfect trines or squares. It fits astrology into the world. Sacred geometry – the remarkably symmetrical patterns which occur in nature, and in religious architecture, depends on precise calculations. When you begin adding Roman Asteroids to your horoscopes, the need for large, variable orbs (up to nine degrees) vanishes, along with the rather sloppy look of your chart. Suddenly you will see your horoscope in perfect pyramids or symmetrical squares and watch it come alive in a new way. If you are interested, you can read more here.